Funding Your Care

Social Services and the Department of Health have introduced a countrywide project to help people to finance their own care and also at the same time allowing them the choice in how their care is provided. This is known as “Direct Payments”.

At Unicare Devon we are eager to assist you with this initiative and will be delighted to assist our clients in any way we can. The exact details of how the system will work in your particular area will vary according to the local Social Services department. But the principles are very similar nationwide. We will be happy to provide you with the relevant details for your area.

For more information please see the following websites :

Arranging your own care and services
Money, tax and benefits
Expert guide on direct payments
Attendance Allowance

There is also an excellent publication available from the Department of Health called ‘Guidance on Direct Payments’. It’s available by calling 0300 123 1002