Unicare Devon Staff

Domiciliary Care Workers are indeed very special people. Their empathy, compassion, unending patience, loyalty and commitment to their roles are indeed admirable qualities. From all walks of life, ages, religions and ethnicity our Care Workers mirror our Clients in their diversity and as such enable us the high compatibility rates that we are proud to deliver to our clients. Their skill set is immense and something of which we are very proud. Upon joining Unicare Devon new members to our team work through our comprehensive twelve week induction program under the supervision and with the support of our ‘Induction Support Officer during which their training needs are identified and skills developed ensuring that they are competent and ready to care for our clients following the company’s stringent policies and procedures.

Following induction, care workers are passed to our ‘Training & Development Officer’ who ensures high levels of supervision, appraisal and ongoing training is delivered and attended to continually enhance skills and ensure the team remains able to cope with the ever changing needs of our clients. All Care Workers enrol for an NVQ in Health and Social Care within six months of joining us also.

Years of experience have enabled us to develop unique training courses which not only provide our team with the core skills they require to deliver a high standard of care, but which also go that little bit further. For example, our First Aid Course not only teaches the full requirements, but also pays close attention to scenarios that could truly occur in the home and therefore is more tailored to our clients needs. The full extent of our course list varies dependent on need but some of our core disciplines are as follows:

• Adult Abuse (POVA)
• Communication
• Develop as a Worker
• Fire Training
• First Aid Awareness
• Hand Hygiene
• Health and Safety
• Induction Awareness
• Infection Control
• Medication Administration
• Moving and Handling Theory
• Moving and Handling Practical
• Person Centred Care
• Principles of Care and Confidentiality
• Record Keeping
• Risk Assessment
• Role of the Care Worker
• Food Hygiene Training
• Dying Death & Bereavement Training
• Nutrition and Diet Training

Conditions Overview

The content of this course varies to match our majority client needs but typically would include an overview of Cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Strokes, MS.

Our extensive training program which is available to both our experienced team and those who are new to care assures us we are safe in the knowledge that our team are trained to provide the services required of them by you, our clients. Our Care Workers have access to or In House reference library containing literature on all aspects of their role, from recipes, housekeeping tips and laundry techniques to detailed information on numerous medical conditions to enable them to prepare for the specific needs of their client by researching their prognosis prior to commencement of a care package.