Tailored Enabling Services

Helping our clients to live their lives

Enabling can mean different things to different people but to us, at Unicare Devon it means helping our clients to live their lives, maintain their skills and access activities that are important to them. For some of our clients, this may include learning or retaining the ability to cook meals, going shopping, enjoying hobbies, physical exercise or simply attending appointments. For others, it’s all about companionship and friendship.

Our Focus

With our ageing population particularly vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness, we have found that this can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health and in many cases can lead to depression and withdrawal from society and all things that someone has previously loved and enjoyed.

We believe that a good quality of life is important to everyone and that for many, playing an active role in their local community is a vital part of this. Being able to participate in pastimes that someone enjoys can have an enormous positive impact on a person’s self-worth and sense of purpose. With many hours spent alone, many of our clients really cherish the time they spend doing the things that they love whatever that may be.

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